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Uprising Builders, LLC. is a home improvement company specializing in high-end custom-built carpentry. Our specialty includes kitchens and baths, additions, renovation, paneling, trim, crown molding, staircases, built-ins, craftsman columns (indoor and outdoor), decks, pergolas and gazebos.

However, we can compete any home renovation need.

If you appreciate true craftsmanship, hire us to complete your next project. We are licensed and insured in Maryland.

License #103678

Renovation is a mastery of art where you can express freely the desires of your imagination. Something we could work on, to bring out the best of your home. Color changes your mood. Move. Explore. Rearrange. One move can change a lifetime.

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Living Room Remodelling
Sterling Heights, MI

Stairs Remodelling
Silver Spring, MD

Living Room Remodelling
San Jose, CA

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